NetFlow Monitor

NetFlow Monitor (NF) is tool for processing and evaluating NetFlow Exports from CISCO routers.

NetFlow provides nearly real-time traffic monitoring, smart flow filtration, aggregation and statistic evaluation, multicriterial data flow selection, using source/destination IP addresses, protocols, etc. The NetFlow Analyzer should be able to deal with suspicious network activities (e.g. security attacks, routing troubles etc).

Development of this software finished at the end of the year 2003, since then some fixes have been released. New features you can find in the commercial package Caligare Flow Inspector -

Current version provides distributed computation with processing max. 40 Gb/s data traffic rate per database. Web interface provides easy configuration and remote management of all components including NetFlow Units, plug-ins etc. Current version is only for non-commercial and education use. If you want to use NetFlow monitoring software in the commercial environment try one of the commercial tools - see section About.