NetFlow Monitor - About

Project NetFlow Monitor started at the end of year 2001 as thesis of Jan Nejman on University of West Bohemia under technical control of Dr. Ing. Pavel Smrha. Next year was accepted NetFlow Monitor as official CESNET project ( Smart NetFlow Analyzer).

For next two years I was developing current stable version. This version is free software for non-commercial and education and it's distributed under GPL license.

During last six month I recorded downloads from ~ 1000 unique domains. Main users (rather beta testers ;o) ) are telco operators, Universities, ISP providers, banks, governments and army (in short organizations with huge number of routers, but some of users are "small" users with 1-2 routers, too).

I'll be glad, if you post me some bugs in NetFlow Monitor or some new ideas what you want in NetFlow Monitor. Last month I started developing new version 2.1, with easy a public API, support NetFlow version 9, any with many many improvements. My current e-mail address is:

        Thank you for your interest, Jan Nejman

Other sources:

  • - Caligare Flow Inspector - The best of netflow commercial solutions.
  • - FlowMon - hardware or software based NetFlow probe.
  • - Caida CFlowd - One of the first netflow developers.
  • - Inmon (Traffic Server) - Commercial package.
  • - NetScout - Commercial package.
  • - Netflow accounting - GNU license.
  • - FlowScan - Dave Plonka - GNU license.
  • - Netflow versions, what's netflow, RFC, applications list.