NetFlow Monitor - Development

NetFlow 2.1 new features:

  • support of netflow data export (NDE) version 9,
  • fully distributed architecture, with swap support into local-file when data database is down,
  • new graphs and statistics (eg. AS distribution, in/out interface stats),
  • possibility to specify, what you want save (which netflow items - someone want save all items, someone want save only IP addresses and protocol),
  • heuristics detection of used application (based on used ports and connection tracking),
  • duplicity removing (in case more sources collected into one collector),
  • routing loop detection,
  • route flapping detection.
I've a many new ideas with NetFlow, for example maybe somebody wants detect group of users (one group users access to web pages with technical literature, another group of users can access into military literature). This can help to excellent planning of network capacities.

New features you can find in commercial package
Caligare Flow Inspector - netflow monitoring software
or go to section About to view other netflow monitoring projects.